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At Sukan Food, we give the utmost priority to the varying demands of our business partners. Following this, our fresh assortment of exotic fruits and vegetables undergo retail packaging as per their requirements. We believe in listening to our partner’s needs and hence packing the produces under their required circumstances and with exact specifications as put forth by them.



We are more than willing to provide the right packaging materials required for export of fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus, we engage the best and most efficient production line that specializes in looking into this aspect of our export.

Considering our experience in this field, our packaging material is highly specific. Each produce is treated as per its estimated shelf life and hence reaches our business partners in its best of conditions. It is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to an assortment of various exotic vegetable and fruits that are perishable. We ensure that these produces are separately packaged in ‘keep fresh’ packaging process.

Sukan Food offer its business partners with a wide range of packaging options from large to small, flow pack to bags to dishes. Partners can choose from packaging with private or personal labels. Additionally, keeping in mind the convenience of our partners, we also offer an array of packaging options that include – expiration date, manufacturing date, bar-code, and the weight of packaging. The customized boxes available depend on the variety of the clients that we cater to.



At Sukan Foods, we take special care of the logistics from our global growers until the producers reach our business partners. We offer variety of transportation of the fresh produce of vegetables and fruits. The mode f transportation depends on the client’s location, and we strive to ensure that they receive the produce via most direct lines.

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