Exotic Vegetable & Fruits

Sukan Food, a reliable partner in the import and export of exotic vegetables and fruits, is regarded in high respect. We consider our partners to be of utmost priority and hence safeguard the quality of the produce that we export. Our company strives to deliver quality produce at affordable prices. On the international market, Sukan Food acts as a wholesaler and delivers fresh produce to the business partners across supermarket chains. While our partners continue to remain loyal to our company’s produce, we prioritise and listen to their requests. Taking into consideration their physical and business health, we believe in stocking low to keep the products, fresh while on delivery. It helps us gain a wider clientele base across the globe, and hence we are now actively involved as wholesalers of exotic fruits and vegetables in multiple countries. These include – Malaysia, China, India, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Uganda, Thailand, etc.

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Quality assurance

Freshness of the produce

Fresh and exotic produce from across the world

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Delivery fresh

World-wide Delivery

Timely delivery to our business partners at affordable pricing

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Customised delivery

Delivery of produce based on their sustenance capability



Sukan Food sourced produces from across the world find their way into the supermarket and retailer chains in the whole of Europe. Reputed for its timely delivery, affordable prices, and quality of produce, our business partners have ample trust in our exotic assortment of fruits and vegetables. Since our produce complies with all the quality control organisations, its purchases maintain the upward curve. It is because we choose our growers after intense consideration of their maintenance of hygiene. We ensure this by significant on-site checks at regular intervals and look into the aspects of pest control, plant diseases, etc. Sukan Foods puts its focus majorly upon the following aspects that have helped maintain its strong foothold among its business partners.

Our in-house experts consider the wholesaler network and deliver products that best cater to their demands. Our diversity in fruits and vegetables, along with the impeccable quality makes us your preferred option. Reach out to us and get the freshest of exotic produce from across the globe at good rates.

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